How to get started

SWFL Models offers a complimentary consultation so that you can have someone talk honestly with you about the modeling/acting industry. We want you to get the true facts about the business so you can make an informed decision about what is right for YOU.

Programs are set so you can get everything done correctly for modeling and acting opportunities.

SW Models

Our curriculum gives students a great overview of the industry and covers all of the main aspects, including:

  • Intro and orientation to the business
  • Basic fashion runway
  • Acting and casting
  • Camera ready hair and makeup application
  • Photo movement
  • TV Commercials
  • Photo Posing / Wardrobe

This is a 7-week course (2 hours per session) that covers the basics of modeling and acting.

Our trained staff is dedicated to helping you build your education in the industry.

The seasoned coaches will provide you with the training, experience and confidence required to go to professional bookings.

All of the benefits of seminars

There’s more to modeling than just looking good. You must be personable, ambitious and business savvy.

You will learn “tricks of the trade” designed specifically for models and actors-to-be.

You will leave a more confident and inspired person. The skills you learn will stick with you throughout all of life’s challenges, whether you’re applying for a job or tacking one of the many obstacles that will come your way.

When you have modeling or acting opportunities, you will be all the more prepared to get your career started on the right foot!